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5 Tips to Apply Your Mad Research Skills to Book Marketing
July 20, 2017 Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

Hello OurWriteSiders, We know we need to do research. Many of us delight in disappearing down the dark rabbit hole of the internet with the excuse of “research”… er, I mean, for practical and real research! Right? We enjoy sitting and watching people in public as “research.” We chuckle at the memes like this: But

The Importance of Research in Fantasy
July 19, 2017 Writing Advice David Wiley

I know what you’re thinking: fantasy as a genre invites the reader to suspend their belief. After all, few people truly expect to enter a cave and discover a live dragon inside sitting on a horde of treasure. Many of us accept that magic, at least in the forms seen in many books, does not

What to Research when Writing Your Novel
July 18, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

This month we are talking about research. As fiction writers it can be really tempting to just make up what we don’t know. But having realistic information and details in your story will help the reader suspend disbelief and get immersed in your story. One incorrect, made-up detail could cause your reader to put down

How to Write on a Topic You Don’t Know
July 14, 2017 Writing Advice Melinda Harmon

Writing on a topic you know well is already no easy task, because even though you know the basics, you still are required to put it in words. Trying to write about something you know nothing about is for obvious reasons, much tougher. Unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity to write on topics

Unexpected Research Tools
July 13, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Research. Perhaps the second most (right behind “outlining”) misunderstood and feared word in academia and the writing world. I have observed students actually tremble at the thought of spending hours finding valid and pertinent research for projects and papers. Before the advent of the internet, I found myself dreading the inevitable, often repeated trips to

7 Research Tips for Writing Your Novel
July 11, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

This month we are talking research. Now, many writers cringe when they hear the word. And they might say, “But we are fiction writers, can’t we just make stuff up?” The answer is, we may make a lot of things up, but we have to have a realism to our stories. It’s what allows them

Research: Old and New
July 10, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

 In a world of technology, it is easy to rely on computer searches for our research needs. Being from the old school, I find this amazing and not only a great time saver but also a wider variety of resources. Libraries are my passion. Stepping inside surrounds me with a vibe that stimulates my creativity.

Researching Mental Health in Fiction Writing
July 7, 2017 Writing Advice Stacy Overby

I want to talk about something serious this time, so no glib starts here today. My subject: mental health in fiction. There’s a ton to cover with this topic and writing mental health needs to be done right or you’ll risk offending your readers. Even with research, it may happen, but at least you did

So You Think You Don’t Need Research?
July 5, 2017 Writing Advice E.C. Jarvis

Fantasy writers are a unique breed in the literary world, we can create an entire universe from scratch. Want magic in your world? Just put it in, BINGO! Want an upside down hunk of rock floating mid-air above the rest of the ground? Make it so! You don’t need to research real-life because you’re not

Amazing Sites for Research
July 3, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

I was researching a column on writer’s block and stumbled over a fantastic resource for mental health issues. That is just how it happens sometimes. One search will give not only what you want but put you on the path of your next story. Here’s a few I’ve found: Mental Health Daily: I found the

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