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The Querying Process
August 22, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

You’ve written your novel and now it’s time to query. The query is very important and something you’ll need to spend time on to perfect. We’ve talked about how to write our query and dos and don’ts, so let’s talk about the process of querying. Do your research and personalize each query. Don’t send one

How to Write a Query Letter to Catch an Agent
August 4, 2017 Writing Advice Melinda Harmon

Writing a good query letter could be the difference between finding an agent or not. It is recommended that novelists complete the manuscript first before starting to write query letters. This way you know that you are prepared in the event that an agent accepts your proposal. There is always a possibility that the agent

Do’s and Don’ts for Writing the Query Letter
February 14, 2017 Writing Advice J.K. Allen

So last week we broke down the query letter paragraph by paragraph, but I wanted to talk a little more about query letters today. Query letters are so crucial and important to get right. So today let’s talk about dos and don’ts for writing the query letter. Do personalize. Always personalize your greeting. Research agents

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