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How to Write a Query Letter to Catch an Agent
August 4, 2017 Writing Advice Melinda Harmon

Writing a good query letter could be the difference between finding an agent or not. It is recommended that novelists complete the manuscript first before starting to write query letters. This way you know that you are prepared in the event that an agent accepts your proposal. There is always a possibility that the agent

Book Formatting 102 by Craig A. Price, Jr.
November 26, 2016 OWS Features,Special Feature Stephanie Ayers

Today’s feature is a guest post from an author we interviewed previously, a great member of our Facebook group, OWS Word Mafia. He talks about book formatting today. Craig A. Price Jr. is the author of The Crimson Claymore, an Epic Fantasy adventure novel that has garnered millions of reads, was featured in fantasy, had

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