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World-Building and Psychology

Did you know there is quite a bit of psychology that goes into world-building? Or at least there should be. What often comes to mind first in world-building is the physical environment, right? Then things like clothes, food, some cultural elements, and different races/peoples. Hopefully,

The Psychological Potholes

Some of the biggest obstacles for authors are all in their head. Psychologically speaking, of course. You are going along just fine on the Writing Road, then BAM!  One of your tires hits a pothole and jars you into rethinking your path. Let me introduce

Embracing Chaos: A Writer’s Perspective

My first book, Crystal Unicorns, manifested itself from chaos.  I needed a source for unresolved feelings and issues…and to kill someone- figuratively, not literally. I didn’t want to go to jail. Many authors start with the one book they pour all their energy into, and

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