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Starting the Year Off Right: Planning for Pantsers

That time of year, that often-dreaded time of year, has come again. New Year’s resolutions. Just the thought of setting any goals or structure to things like fiction writing can be downright horrifying to one group of authors. Really, you ask, it’s that bad? Trust me, it is. I understand this because I am a…
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January 12, 2018 0

How Writing A Book in a Month Isn’t Crazy

NaNoWriMo has started. For those of you who have never experienced the National Novel Writing Month, let me update you. In 1999, a small group of writers began NaNoWriMo as way to just get the words out without editing or any of the other speed bumps writers encounter. The object was to run a 50,000…
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November 6, 2017 1

How Do You Prep for NaNoWriMo Writing Success

NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow!! That’s right. It ‘ll be here sooner than you expect. It will sneak up on you like an ill-intentioned shadow creeper, and since I don’t want you to start a 50k run on words alone, I want to help you prepare. The biggest step is choosing what to write. It’s sneaky. So often, NaNo…
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October 31, 2017 1
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