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The Importance of Self Care in the Daily Grind

There are times when we just have to take a step back; to reevaluate our situation. Sometimes it takes much more than we think we can handle. Others may feel like a gentle breeze by comparison. Either way, it’s important to recognize when self care is needed. The simplest things can make a world of…
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January 29, 2018 0

Researching Mental Health in Fiction Writing

I want to talk about something serious this time, so no glib starts here today. My subject: mental health in fiction. There’s a ton to cover with this topic and writing mental health needs to be done right or you’ll risk offending your readers. Even with research, it may happen, but at least you did…
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July 7, 2017 0

Four-letter Words

She said she loved the train. In the next breath, she said she loved me. Odd that we were on the wrong side of the train to catch it. If she really loved the train, she would have made sure we were on the right side, but we weren’t. Look. I’m getting repetitious already. She…
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January 29, 2013 112
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