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How to Use World Building When Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Hello Lovely Authors, We’ve had some great posts the last few weeks on world building! From World Building: an Intro for the newer writers among us, to World Building for Specific Genres.  There will be more great posts to help you get along with your world

Diversity in Publishing and Marketing

  Many non-writing people think publishing is pretty much a linear process.  You submit the book; the publisher prints it.  Only authors understand the myriad of decisions one makes when taking your manuscript to print, marketing that print, and the image you present to the

Diversity in Character and Setting

One of the first pieces of advice writers get is write what you know….where’s the fun in that? If we don’t expand our horizons, research new things, then how are we to grow as writers and as humans? Still, if you are going to be

Professional Obstacles for the Writer

So far we’ve covered Personal and Psychological obstacles authors face. This week we move on to the third P… Professional obstacles. How do I get noticed? Why do I keep getting rejected? Marketing? How do I do that? This takes so much time. Why bother trying

Instagram Tips for Authors

  This month’s focus is editing but I just have to get at least one more marketing piece in before I jump over to the new topic:  Instagram. Now this medium is new to me so I am learning along with you. BookMarketingTools.com has an interesting

Tips to Maintain a Consistent Author Brand

“Personal brands have become anvils on which great businesses are forged” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive Sometimes it is easy to get locked into a narrow view of what your brand means and who your audience is. With this article, we hope we can expand your

The Stress of Not Writing

Stress, in general, is the reaction of the body to intense conditions around it. Could be physical, mental, or emotional. I’ve read dozens of articles about the stress of writing but none on the stress of NOT writing.  It exists and can be a huge

The Business of Writing: Event Marketing & Networking

February on OWS is all about The Business of Writing. It is the hardest part about being an author. The writing is easy, right? We love it. It’s why we became authors in the first place! But the business end is HARD. Two of the

Essential Elements in an Author’s Website

We are writers. We love to create stories out of words and share them with others. It is the aspect of our hobby or, in some cases, career that we get excited about. Yet there is a necessity that beckons to us all eventually: the

Mapping Out Your Marketing

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered the benefits of Twitter and programs for scheduling posts on various social media sites.  Today I’d like to go over mapping out your plan of marketing at the basic level through advanced. Again, if you find I’ve missed

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