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10 Things Every Writer Should Do after Publication
December 20, 2017 Writing Advice Rebekah Jonesy

Who doesn’t love a top 10 list? I’m no Casey Kasum but this week I’m bringing you the top 10 countdown. (If you’re too young to understand that, go Google him, ya durn whippersnappers!) Image courtesy of Static Ravicorp #10 Links Have all your links ready to go. Links to your Amazon pages, your booklist on your

Diversity in Publishing and Marketing
October 9, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

  Many non-writing people think publishing is pretty much a linear process.  You submit the book; the publisher prints it.  Only authors understand the myriad of decisions one makes when taking your manuscript to print, marketing that print, and the image you present to the world. With Crystal Unicorns, I started with self-publishing and a

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