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How Authors Can Use Rafflecopter to Boost Engagement

Hello Lovely authors! I have a lot of favorite tools to help me make an impact in my marketing strategies, but one of my favorite is Rafflecopter. It allows you to offer giveaways, build your audience, and protects you from accusations of favoritism for free.

How to Use World Building When Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Hello Lovely Authors, We’ve had some great posts the last few weeks on world building! From World Building: an Intro for the newer writers among us, to World Building for Specific Genres.  There will be more great posts to help you get along with your world

Instagram Tips for Authors

  This month’s focus is editing but I just have to get at least one more marketing piece in before I jump over to the new topic:  Instagram. Now this medium is new to me so I am learning along with you. BookMarketingTools.com has an interesting

How to Sell More Books on Twitter: Final Thoughts

I decided to look back at Twitter and see if there was anything I missed in my series: How To Use Twitter to Sell More Books and offer my final thoughts if I did. I had. Some of the most basic stuff, in fact.  I finally,

Smart Goals for 2017 Planning

Hello Our Write Siders, Welcome to 2017. A New Year, and an opportunity for a new start. We’ve all made goals, right? We’re trudging along trying to achieve them. Then, BAM, something (usually life, or lack of knowledge, or lack of time) gets in the

How To Use Twitter to Sell More Books Part 3

So here we are at the third installment of our How to use Twitter to Sell More Books series. Don’t worry, I will continue on with articles on Hootsuite and Twitter devices created to aid in scheduling so that you don’t spend all your writing

The Goodreads Giveaway by Tia Tormen

Pleae welcome Tia Tormen, our guest author today. Tia Tormen is a writer, photographer, graphic designer, videographer, video editor, make-up artist and poet. She has also studied psychology and loves to do dream interpretation. She spends her days working a regular job and her early

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