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Marketing in Minutes a Day

The life of an author is a constant struggle for balance. For most, that balancing act includes a full-time job, family, social commitments, writing, and then when writers hear “marketing” they throw their hands up feeling overwhelmed and demand that they don’t have any time.

Mapping Out Your Marketing

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered the benefits of Twitter and programs for scheduling posts on various social media sites.  Today I’d like to go over mapping out your plan of marketing at the basic level through advanced. Again, if you find I’ve missed

How to Sell More Books on Twitter: Final Thoughts

I decided to look back at Twitter and see if there was anything I missed in my series: How To Use Twitter to Sell More Books and offer my final thoughts if I did. I had. Some of the most basic stuff, in fact.  I finally,

Should I Self Promote?

When it comes to promotion, indie authors often find themselves tense and uncomfortable. Should I self-promote? How much promotion is too much before it’s considered spam? Some authors look at their friends published with a publisher and hear all sorts of differing opinions. Some publishers do,

Brain to Books Holiday Book Giveaway & CyCon Sampler

Mark Your Calendars For The Best Book Event this Season, and a Taste of B2B CyCon! Hello lovelies at Our Write Side! We have been thrilled to share the B2B CyCon and Book Expo that is coming in April. A lot of authors new to

Marketing 101 – The Big Bucks

This is the third post of a four part series on marketing written by an author who has been through the process. You’ve dabbled in a little light marketing and had a combination of success and failures and whatever options you’ve chosen. Now you’re ready

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