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Should I Self Promote?

When it comes to promotion, indie authors often find themselves tense and uncomfortable. Should I self-promote? How much promotion is too much before it’s considered spam? Some authors look at their friends published with a publisher and hear all sorts of differing opinions. Some publishers do, in fact, take care of all the promoting for their…
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December 28, 2016 0

Inside Indie Publishing: What is IngramSpark?

If you’re an indie publishing author, chances are good you’ve heard of IngramSpark. They and CreateSpace constantly battle for slot #1 on the print on demand solutions list. And yet, a lot of authors still don’t know who they are or what they do. This is the first installment of a multipart series in which…
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September 14, 2016 1

Publishing Successfully – what is Truly involved

Steps to Publishing Successfully Publishing successfully is more than just write and hit publish. At least 75% or more of authors I speak with really don’t understand the entire publishing process. It’s no fault of your own though. The media perpetuates the supposed simplicity, and ease of making money. Honestly, I believe even the big A puts…
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December 18, 2015 2
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