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Unexpected Research Tools
July 13, 2017 Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Research. Perhaps the second most (right behind “outlining”) misunderstood and feared word in academia and the writing world. I have observed students actually tremble at the thought of spending hours finding valid and pertinent research for projects and papers. Before the advent of the internet, I found myself dreading the inevitable, often repeated trips to

A Guide to Facebook Author Takeovers
February 17, 2017 Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

Whether you have published a book or not, there are still many ways you can begin self-branding on Facebook. One of the easiest ways is through Author Takeovers. Let me clarify, an author takeover is not the same as an event. One is a networking tool, the other is a marketing tool. In brief, Facebook

Mapping Out Your Marketing
February 13, 2017 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered the benefits of Twitter and programs for scheduling posts on various social media sites.  Today I’d like to go over mapping out your plan of marketing at the basic level through advanced. Again, if you find I’ve missed one, please let me know. BASIC: Start with these and

My Writing List for 2017
December 26, 2016 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

I don’t like resolutions. I’m more of a list girl.  The difference?  Resolutions, to me, are more like wish lists you already know you aren’t going to follow through on.  It’s just a matter of time. Lists require commitment. They linger on the page reminding you, nagging you, to follow through with a check mark

Part Two: 4 Marketing Tools Authors Need
October 5, 2016 Writing Advice E.C. Jarvis

This is the second post of a four part series on marketing written by an author who has been through the process. You have the book, the blurb, your bio, teasers – the works. You’re ready to dive into the shark pit of the literary world, to remove the reigns and let your baby take

Facebook Connections
August 29, 2015 Connections Stephanie Ayers

We understand how important it is to make strong connections with other writers and professionals. Having someone to cheer us on, catch a misspelling, or offer a better way to write is imperative to improving our craft, expanding our horizons, and promoting our work. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a directory to

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