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New Year Planning Stories and Pitches for Success
January 5, 2018 Writing Advice Barbara Tyree

“It’s another new year !” Tis the season again, and it’s the first week of January, 2018. Perhaps by now the decorations have been taken down and stored away for next year. Now it’s time to get in the groove and organize your writing schedule, planning your novel ideas; it’s imperative to have some idea

Thinking Beyond the Box
November 14, 2016 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

It looks like I am starting a new series. PsychologyToday.com has wonderful articles and I’ve picked a few I’d like to abstract from a writer’s point of view.  This first one is about Lateral Thinking.  We usually call it ‘Thinking Outside the Box’. As writer’s we think…a lot.  Call it visualizing, imagineering, or directed fantasy,

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