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How Authors Can Use Rafflecopter to Boost Engagement

Hello Lovely authors! I have a lot of favorite tools to help me make an impact in my marketing strategies, but one of my favorite is Rafflecopter. It allows you to offer giveaways, build your audience, and protects you from accusations of favoritism for free.

How to Use World Building When Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Hello Lovely Authors, We’ve had some great posts the last few weeks on world building! From World Building: an Intro for the newer writers among us, to World Building for Specific Genres.  There will be more great posts to help you get along with your world

Tips to Maintain a Consistent Author Brand

“Personal brands have become anvils on which great businesses are forged” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive Sometimes it is easy to get locked into a narrow view of what your brand means and who your audience is. With this article, we hope we can expand your

A Guide to Facebook Author Takeovers

Whether you have published a book or not, there are still many ways you can begin self-branding on Facebook. One of the easiest ways is through Author Takeovers. Let me clarify, an author takeover is not the same as an event. One is a networking

Pseudonyms, Pen Names, and Nome de Plumes

Mary Shelley first published her novel, Frankenstein, anonymously, presumably because nobody would accept such a book from a woman.  Many women writers of the time choose men’s names as their pseudonyms so as to circumvent this issue. Samuel Clemens picked up his pen name, Mark

Names Have Power, Even the Funny Ones

“Names have power.”~Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief If you have a blog or website of your own, odds are you spent a good amount of time choosing a name. The name you use can say a lot about you and your content with just a

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