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Mother Spider Publishing
November 7, 2015 Affiliates,Press Releases Stephanie Ayers

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with Mother Spider Publishing. We search daily for publishing companies we could work with to offer our community something more. With a diverse literary branding, and everything a new author seeks, we highly recommend submitting your work to one of the many publishing labels under their direction, from erotica

Meet the Founder of ProWriting Aid
October 1, 2015 Writing A.L. Mabry

As we launch Our Write Side into the writing community today we must express our gratitude to ProWriting Aid for their support. Their belief in our dream and sponsorship of our efforts has allowed us to make leaps forward in our progress! Additionally, using the ProWriting Aid tools has allowed us to drastically improve both

September 24, 2015 Affiliates Stephanie Ayers

When Our Write Side made the transition to self-hosting, we had choices. We went with SiteGround, and we have not been disappointed. Not only is it one of the two referred WordPress hosts, but it also offers monthly signup to 3 month chunks, at the discounted rate. We didn’t need to pay the moving fee

Untold Press-Publishers
September 23, 2015 Affiliates A.L. Mabry

Untold Press There are an infinite number of stories, most of them remain unheard. No tale should ever remain untold. We are a pair of authors dedicated to sharing these tales. Thus began Untold Press LLC. A US company (based out of Florida) with Canadian parts. Untold Press does not publish many books a year.

Copyright Registration Service
September 14, 2015 Affiliates Stephanie Ayers

Our Write Side shares writing from different authors, so it is a top priority for us to protect the writing found here. As such, we have become affiliates with Copyright Registration Service to offer this protection. Why choose CRS? It offers international copyright protection for many countries around the world. Additionally, the website can be used to