Shiny Water by Anna Salter

Shiny Water by Anna Salter
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In the suspense-charged tradition of Patricia Cornwell, Anna Salter draws from her professional expertise to introduce forensic psychologist Michael Stone, a sharply witty, courageous heroine who champions the victims of the most devastating crimes. Called to testify in a high-profile custody battle, Michael delivers a professional assessment that shocks her Vermont community: a prominent, well-respected surgeon likely has sexually abused his son and daughter. In the midst of a nightmarish trial, Michael’s testimony is ignored, the case is abruptly closed, and two innocent children fail victim to an unjust system. Then a devastating murder sends the case spiraling in a new direction… Desperate to sort fact from fiction, Michael taps the mind of jailed perp Alex B. Willy, whose unthinkable obsessions may help her unlock the motives behind the brutal crime. But in the eyes of a killer, she has crossed over the line: someone is closing in on Michael, invading her guarded private life with deadly intent…

Book Title: Shiny Water (Michael Stone #1) 
Anna Salter

Amazon rating: 3.9

Reviewer: Nancy Miller


Salter’s books are one of the reasons I chose suspense as a genre.  In real life, Anna Salter is forensic psychologist and internationally known expert on sex offenders.  She has also written several non-fiction books on the subject.  I love the way she weaves her knowledge into her fiction work.

Shiny Water is one of four books in a series and I have read all of them.  She has been compared to Patricia Cornwell in her ability to write supercharged suspense.  All I know is that she held my interest intently through all four books.

Dr. Michael Stone is a forensic psychologist working with those violated by sexual predators. She is involved in the legal side of a custody case where the mother seems fragile but believing of her child who testify that their father hurt them sexually.  The father claims the mother made it up in order to get custody.  The judge agrees with the father.  That evening, just as the children are to go to with their father, the children are found dead in their beds. The mother is suspected of snapping and murdering them.

Occam’s razor doesn’t always ring true. The easiest and most apparent cause is not the case here.

Then more of Dr. Stone’s patients start regressing from the positive secure state they were enjoying.  This disturbs the good doctor and she goes hunting for the cause.  A monster lies under the black shiny water, hidden but ready to attack and Dr. Stone is in danger of finding out who it is.

Dr. Micheal Stone has a few personality quirks…like a limit of 250 items she allows in her home…but you begin to understand.  In her professional world, there is so much chaos it is necessary to her to have a certain amount of control.  Yeah, she is a little bit obsessive-compulsive.

I have to applaud an author who can keep a suspense theme running through the four books in this series and never really give the ending away until it all ends.  I really wish she had written more but her next novel following this series appears to be her last.  Still, she has changed our view and knowledge of sexual offenders with her professional work.  I highly recommend reading her book Predators for research.

So there it is…a book I give a 4 out of 4.  May you enjoy it as much as I did.

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