Secret Santas: Two Christmas Stories by Cameron Garriepy and Angela Amman

Secret Santas: Two Christmas Stories by Cameron Garriepy and Angela Amman
December 17, 2016 No Comments » Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title:  Secret Santas: Two Christmas Stories

Authors: Cameron Garriepy and Angela Amman

Genre: Romance

Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Blurb: Join authors Angela Amman and Cameron D. Garriepy in seeking out the softness and beauty of Christmas in two short, sweet holiday romances.

Angela AmmanSweet Silver Bells, by Angela Amman:

Poppy is a copywriter on a mission: finding the perfect song for a client’s Christmas launch party playlist. Agency-artist-slash-part-time-DJ Theo seems the perfect person to ask, but their usually easygoing friendship feels clouded. Whether it’s the company’s Jingle Jamboree gift exchange, her faux pas at last year’s holiday party, or something else entirely that’s causing the tension, Poppy can’t say. Theo’s musical taste turns out to be spot on, but are Poppy’s instincts?

CameronSanta’s Photographer, by Cameron D. Garriepy:

Shell — a.k.a. Candy Cane — is on a break from her seasonal job taking photos for a mall Santa when an attractive passerby catches her muttering an angry rant… while wearing her elf attire. Embarrassed by her costume and her foul humor, Shell blows off the man’s unexpected compliment, but holiday magic has other things in store for them both. Serendipity, mistaken identity, and a little boy’s Christmas wish weave their lives together as December 25th approaches, but will Santa’s photographer make the connection in time?


From the first sentence to the very last, both authors brought me right into the story, making me forget I was anywhere but within these pages. If I needed a dose of holiday spirit, these stories were the perfect solution. Both start off soft and head straight for the heart, and don’t stop until you’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for the stories.

Both authors are phenomenal writers on their own. Together, they are fantastic. My favorite part of both stories is that I knew something the protagonists didn’t, which made reading that much more interesting. Both stories ended abruptly to me, with the first leaving me guessing about the tickets, and the second rounding up to its finale much faster than I wanted it to. Overall, both stories enthralled me, and the Santa’s Photographer reminded me of Miracle on 34th Street, even though the stories are vastly different. Just something about a small child and Christmas wishes that just grabs me.

Thank you for the delightful break from reality. I plan to read both stories again soon.


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