Book Review: When Blood Falls by Joshua Robertson

Book Review: When Blood Falls by Joshua Robertson
January 7, 2017 No Comments » Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title: When Blood Falls
Author: Joshua Robertson
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Amazon rating: 4.8 stars

When Blood FallsDefending against the demons of the Deep has long given Tyr Og’s brethren purpose. When Tyr’s mother is robbed from him during childhood, he loses his will to live. Now, filled with rage and regret, Tyr hungers for a worthy death to bring an end to the futility of his life. In a short tale of blood and self-loathing, Tyr seeks the most honorable path to finally join his mother in the afterlife.

Reviewed by: Stephanie Ayers

The Review:

From the first page to the last, When Blood Falls is a fast paced read that leaves a distinct memory of one character Tyr Og in your mind long after you finish it. Robertson plays with your emotions in the best way possible as you go from feeling bad for this character to loathing him for his angry deeds to actually wishing for a turn of events and cheering for him in the end. I have never met another character quite like Tyr Og. His capacity for anger and the way he deals with it is haunting.

The story moves fast and is indeed very short, yet you are 100% satisfied at the end of it. Just the right amount of detail left my imagination flowing throughout this book, only slightly less gruesome than Robertson’s longer works. I do look forward to treading through the entire Thrice Nine Legends series one ghastly step at a time.

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