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We welcome fellow writers to submit guest posts to Our Write Side to build their writing chops and get exposure to our writing audience. We will accept guest posts on any topic related to writing, but here are our monthly themes for 2018 along with some suggested headlines.

Monthly Themes and Article Ideas

January: A year of writing (planning strategies, writer’s toolkits, etc)

Planning stories and pitches for the various holidays throughout the year.

Planning Anthologies to submit to throughout the year. 

Building a toolkit for all writing seasons

Creating an annual marketing schedule

Why Setting a Rejection Count Works for You

Creating a social media Plan for the year

Why Goal Setting Might actually hurt You- and How to Prevent it.

How to NaNo all year with 1 simple writing habit.


February: let’s get technical (grammar, punctuation, behind the scenes for more experienced authors–book pitches, getting away with making up words and not following rules, how to choose which rules to follow, etc)

Passive Voice vs Active Voice

Grammar Faux Pas                                                                                                         

 How to Use ProWritingAid To Improve Your Writing

Writing the perfect book pitch
Understanding Google Analytics                                                                                              

 How to Measure Marketing
Parts of a finished book (dedication page, legalities etc)
Rhythm and flow of poetry

March: story building/the forms and creation of poetry (For advanced, focusing on using story to build advertising, branding, or improving story structure for better writing after the first draft etc)                                                                     A/B Testing and the Art of Creating Copy that Sells                                                                                                                       Character development by archetype (could be a series)
Character Building Using Multiple Intelligences Theory
Elements of a great book cover

Villain vs Anti-hero

April: marketing (branding, networking, things to do before you get published, podcasts, readings, etc)
 Goodreads conversations
 Networking Etiquette
  Freelance writer’s experience with WordRate and/or PitchLab
Naysayers vs supporters of various writing stuff                                                                 

May: vacations, school’s out, and other distractions

How to stay on schedule even when your kids are not

June: is that copyrighted? (using other people’s work–song lyrics, etc–in your writing, for more advanced, where to find images for marketing/ advertising, how to do attribution, trademarking, etc.)

How to protect your work (copyright, public sharing etc)


July: when enough is enough (the finish line) Look at when to end or when to tweak a book, a series, a marketing strategy, advertising approach, genre approach, should it be a series or not, etc

For the love of purple prose

When is too much, too much?

Creating the middle of the story without adding unnecessary fluff

August: exploring genres and writing outside your comfort zone (For the more advanced, exploring copy writing, technical, paid work, guest posts, crossing genres effectively)

Short story vs Novel
How to write flash fiction
World-building by genre

September: vetting and submission (researching publishers, standard submission reqs, cover pages vs cover letters, using and storing templates, what platform(s) to publish, vetting professional editors, designers, publishing houses, agents, advertising agencies, publicists, etc)

Monetizing Do’s and Don’ts
Passive income from writing a book
Choosing keywords and proper genre

October: NaNoWriMo and other writing challenges (contest writing, deadlines, marketing strategies for the holidays, compelling copy, etc.)

Finding a writing partner

Where’s your tribe

Types of writing gurus and who best aligns with your needs and beliefs
What to do When Beta Readers Disagree?


November: Write through the holidays (Stay on task)


December: Endings and Planning (effective goal setting, planning marketing and strategy for the following year, setting up a publishing schedule, setting deadlines for finished work, researching local and social media events, etc)


Additional Topic Ideas:

Any topic: Top 10/15/25/50 list pertaining to writing

Pitch Checklist for Freelance Writers

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