Pounce Control

Pounce Control

April 17, 2014 Writing 5

“That’s a bounce.” Derrin said dejectedly. “It has to pounce.”

Melvin stroked his goatee. “That was a pounce. Watch the video again.”

Derrin obliged. The ball struck the gray cement wall before landing on the floor then sprang upwards. A small yellow-striped kitten watched the ball intently. As it descended again, the cat leaped, stopping the ball on its way back up.

“Fine. It’s a pounce.” Derrin said.

He threw a bigger ball. It mimicked the smaller ball’s movements until the cat struck. After a few clicks on the keyboard, the ball stopped bouncing and rolled. The cat struck again, but the ball moved away. The cat flipped upwards and pounced. A thin blue bolt shot from the ball and the stench of singed fur filled the air. When it bounced again, the kitten sat back on its haunches and ignored it, licking his blackened fur instead.

Melvin threw the smaller ball and repeated the process. The cat’s head followed the ball and his tail twitched back and forth in rhythm. His paw reached out as if to strike but pulled back at the last minute.

“If only humans could be controlled that easily!” Derrin started.

“We’d be out of jobs!” Melvin finished as the first human test subject entered.



(I exceeded this a little, but cut as much I could without losing the story.)

It’s nice to have something come through the fog that seems to keep lingering in the congested state of my sinuses. I hope you liked it and would love some feedback. Was the idea behind the story as clear to you as a reader as it was to me in my foggy brain?

Thanks for stopping in!


5 Responses

  1. Tara R. says:

    A little scary thinking that such experiments could be done on humans… if they aren’t already.

  2. Joe says:

    I think social media is doing all of this and more to us, daily – but I doubt they’re getting any decent data from me. I’m a marketer’s worst nightmare.

    Anyway – This is a great take on the prompt!

  3. Marie says:

    I often feel experimented upon, so much so that I stop and look for the hidden cameras…

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