Poetry: When Beauty Falls by Stephanie Ayers

Poetry: When Beauty Falls by Stephanie Ayers

April 24, 2016 OWS Features Special Feature 0

We are still celebrating World Poetry Month here on Our Write Side. Today’s poetry is a rhyme from our CEO, Stephanie Ayers, titled When Beauty Falls. Enjoy.

When Beauty Falls

Unsplash / Pixabay

He stands there, stoic and bold.

Naked, he shivers in the cold.

Slowly he buds, dressed in greens.

In his beauty now he preens.

The wind with her whispers that flow right through

Entrance him with the kiss of a lover true.

All summer long with the sun he plays

Shaking his leaves, catching her rays.

Before too long, the wind finds out

And whips his cheating heart about.

One by one, his leaves they fall

In a burst of flaming color, his vintage call.

They fall to earth like puzzle pieces

His love, his life, his beauty ceases.

©2015 Stephanie Ayers



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