Poetry: Prison Origami by Zahra Akbar

Poetry: Prison Origami by Zahra Akbar

July 2, 2016 Featured Poetry and Shorts OWS Features 2

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phZahra Akbar is a poetess, blogger, and aspiring novelist from Pakistan, pursuing her master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics. When Zahra is not writing, she is daydreaming, painting, and stargazing.
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Prison Origami

Folding,  unfolding  nightmares

and  visions  intruding  through  ceiling  cracks

sorrow bwwrapping,  unwrapping  the  wistful  layers

of  soul,  creased  that  lies  in  wrinkled  hands

Damp  walls  emanate  regrets,  and  we  inhale!

eyeballs  rivet  the shapes;  planes,  birds  and  winged  angels  and  devils

from  lips  as we  lick  hubris,  stale

bigger  the  origami  then  grows  and  grows,

until  we  become  tiny  people,  tiny  baits,

awaiting  it  to  swallow  us,  along  with  our  dreams  and  woes.

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  1. This really is such a beautiful work of art, Zahra. Thank you for sharing it with Our Write Side!

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