October Writing Contests

October Writing Contests

October 5, 2015 Writing 0

How do you know how good you are if you never put yourself out there? Half the problem is not knowing where to start. Our Write Side scoured the internet to locate the best contests open for submissions right now.

Black Widow Publishing opened a contest for its Arachne division (sci-fi/fantasy) from October 1 thru December 31st. $100 prize, no entry fee.

Rambunctious Rambling Publishers Inc Horror Contest-Ends at NOON October 15. See their guidelines for submission instructions.

Writers Views this is a generic listing of all their current writing contests. Their Halloween poetry contest is below.

Writers Views Poetry Halloween Contest runs from October 31-Jan 31; $1000 prize; no entry fee; 10 poem max; 18 and over.


http://thefuriousgazelle.com/tag/halloween-contest-2015/ Ends October 26; $50 prize and a book in the genre of choice; no fee; 5 poem max

3 contests: http://www.roommagazine.com/contests

http://www.saugus.net/Contests/Halloween/2015/ October 22 deadline

for teens 7-18: http://www.projectparadigm.org/

http://www.writersofthefuture.com/enter-writer-contest/ October 1

http://www.penfaulkner.org/award-for-fiction/submission-guidelines/ by October 31

http://www.filmbrooklyn.org/ annually in mid-November “Brooklyn centric” 4-10 pages (2500 words)

http://www.booksie.com/horror/novel/everafterdarling/spooky-halloween-poetry-contest-2015/chapter/1 Ends Midnight October 31; 13 line minimum, poetry ONLY; no fee

http://wickedpoetry.jigsy.com/poetry-book-form-submissions Ends October 30; $15 cash prize plus poetry books; $6 entry fee; 3 poem max

http://fountainmagazine.com/essaycontest November 30–has a theme–1500-2500 words required–$1500 first prize–no entry fee

http://www.smokelong.com/2016-kathy-fish-fellowship/ October 15; $500 prize plus 1 year as an in-house writer

Listing of contests in 2015: http://fundsforwriters.com/contests/



Nosetouch Press has a Wax & Wane contest running from October 1-November 30. $13 payment +Copy. top 13 stories go in anthology.


Places to find contests:








It's YOUR write side, too! Let's hear it!

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