Music A to Z: It's a C Day

So last week, you found out that I like bikers, bad boys, and TLC. This week’s A to Z mixtape theme is the letter C. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. I thought of Christian music, country music, dedicating an entire mixtape to my favorite C singer (Carrie Underwood) but decided to do something normal and boring by sharing some of my favorite songs by “C” musicians. Maybe I’ll surprise you. Maybe I won’t. Ready?

C&C Music Factory will always be one of my loves. I like this song just a hair more than Things that Make You Go Hmmm.

Here’s another song that will make you sweat-in more ways than one. I’m always left breathless after listening to it. Some fine fiddlin’ involved too! Here’s the number one song by Charlie Daniels Band!

And now,  I’m giving you a chance to catch your breath, thanks to Kelly Clarkson…

Did you catch your breath?

Good, because you’re gonna need it since I’m taking you…


and I don’t want to make it to the top…

Because, honey, in closing, you can never be…

Are you wondering why I’d mention Carrie Underwood is a favorite artist yet I didn’t use any of her songs? I thought about it, so here you go, here’s one befitting the C theme….

And that, folks, wraps up this C inspired post. Cat got your tongue? Share your favorite C’s with Jacqui!

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5 thoughts on “Music A to Z: It's a C Day”

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I really like all these songs, but “Gonna Make you Sweat” and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” are two of my favorite songs.

    The fiddle in TDWDTG is synonymous with my childhood and takes right back to my living room. I remember learning all the words to that song and being so proud. It’s summer and family and childhood to me.

    1. SAM says:

      I too love to sing along. It leaves me breathless and thrilled!

  2. javaj240 says:

    Such great selections —- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, but I have a thing for strings (and, by association, fiddles)! Like, Kir, I remember being so proud of myself when I learned ALL the words — I sang along just a few minutes ago, may have missed a few, but I think I’ve still “got” it, LOL!

    Thanks again for participating. We seem to get one or two more people each week, so, it’s building 🙂

    1. SAM says:

      This is really fun. I find myself going…oh wait. I need to save that one for a different week. Where else am i going to get a Z?

      1. javaj240 says:

        LOL, I know, right?

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