Master Class

Storch-BadgeThis is a writing meme started by my good friend, E.W. Storch. Every week, a new prompt is given. The prompt is usually a line from a book or other written medium. There are no word count restrictions. There is no genre requirement. All forms of writing are acceptable.

Every week, I choose one participating author to select the following week’s challenge. The challenge usually runs from Wednesday at 8 am EST to the following Tuesday at 9PM EST when the link up closes.

If you don’t have a blog, but love to write, and want to share your writing, please feel free to send me your stories. I will post them on my blog and link them up for others to read as well. Just use the contact form below. Please use “Master Class” as your subject line.

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    My Writing Process-Blog Tour | My Write Side

    […] Master Class […]

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    Master Class Vol. XI: Desperation | darkenedelysian

    […] I will be joining The Professor, A.L.Mabry and a group of other writers who participate in Master Class. The group is given one prompt and must each write, using it as instructed and then share it with […]

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    The Fourth Door -

    […] very good friend and writing partner “Sam” runs a weekly writing prompt called Master Class. Admittedly I begged her to bring it back this year but I have been horrible at keeping up with it. […]


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