Master Class 2014 Volume VI

Storch-BadgeWelcome class! I do believe our muses took a vacation last week as there were so few assignments linked up. Rebecca led the class last week with this prompt, chosen from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar: “it was only as the two of us waited for the others in the tomblike morning gloom of the conference room that Hilda amplified that Yes of hers.” it was the 10th true line of the 33rd page in the 3rd book on her shelf. The instructions were to use this line as the last line in your story.

Three of you responded.

November Rain’s Aged Comfort is a beautifully written feel good story that will warm your heart. Here’s a favorite segment from her story:

“I’m old enough to belong in a museum; I don’t want to go see the relics. How about someplace fun, like shuffle boarding?” Hilda asked as she leaned back into the chair, and pushed the buttons to raise her feet.

Amanda Lynn hasn’t missed a class yet this year and gave us another excerpt from her long time work in progress. Take a peek at the descriptiveness with of Banished:

The water rushed upwards, pushing itself higher, faster until it met the cliff edge in front of him. He watched the water writhe and slither into lines and angles as stairs appeared leading to the familiar misty portal.

Steph impressed me last week and really went to bat this week. She hit a homerun with the clever crafted Inappropriate Behavior. She really knows how to create a character that you love to hate in just a few words:

“Hilda, We’ve been through this. Howard is 70 years old. He needs to go. But, he won’t go peacefully.” Lynn tucked a strand of hair behind her ear releasing a molecule of scent, jasmine, Hilda thought.

I asked Steph to choose the assignment for this week. I really think you will enjoy writing this one. I asked her to choose a book, open it to the middle page, and give me the center line on the left page. She just happens to be reading a book that has a great line for the Master Class. Your assignment this week is:



You may use this line anywhere in your story this week.

You have until Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 9:00 PM EST to submit your story.

The linkup is now live!

Ready? Set? Write!


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20 thoughts on “Master Class 2014 Volume VI”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I think it’s absolutely unforgivable that the person who chose last week’s prompt, failed to participate! Phew! There. Had to get that out. Seriously, I had such a crazy week last week meeting deadlines that I never got to write at all. A bummer. It was a great sentence. I’ll be reading the posts of those who participated, however. Hoping I can get something in this week. To the Muses, may they all visit us and leave little gems in their wake….

    1. k~ says:

      Weren’t you the one who gave us the prompt Rebecca? (thoroughly confuzzled)

      1. SAM says:

        Yes. she was talking about herself, berating herself for not writing to her own prompt. Lol.

        1. k~ says:

          Oh that will never do!

          1. SAM says:

            I agree!

    2. SAM says:

      Don’t beat yourself up. I didn’t write to the prompt either and it was a fabulous line!

      1. k~ says:

        I agree with SAM. Just bring your words with you and enjoy the journey!

  2. k~ says:

    Oh yes, this will be fun!

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  5. troy P. says:

    I AM an idiot, but where is the link?

    1. SAM says:

      Apparently it needs fixing! I’ll get on it in the morning.

      1. troy P. says:


        1. SAM says:

          Eh, it happens. Glad you caught it!

    2. SAM says:

      Back in business!

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