Luck of the Grave by Stephanie Reisen

Luck of the Grave by Stephanie Reisen

November 19, 2016 Book Reviews 0

Luck of the GraveWess found himself in a world of trouble when he stole from Auslin, an influential man in the kingdom of Neldore. Trapped in an old, sealed off sewer beneath the city of Hezelle, he could not find a way out. The single gem he made off with began to shine with a blue light when he held it… and it spoke in his thoughts. A woman begged for help in exchange for aiding him in his own predicament. When they escaped the sewers, he stepped into a strange realm that never should have existed. A massive graveyard, home to the oddest creatures he had ever seen, proved to be the least of his worries in his quest to find a way home.

Book Title: Luck of the Grave (Gravebound Souls Book 1) 
Author: Stephanie Reisen
Science fiction/Fantasy

Amazon rating: 4.3
Reviewer: Stephanie Ayers


What a wonderful introduction to Stephanie Reisen!

I really enjoyed this story. It moves along at a great pace, never dwelling too long into any one place, craftily sharing just enough information about the characters to keep me engaged in the way-too-short story.

Wess wakes up and finds himself in a sewer tunnel with a pearl that talks to him in his head. That right there is enough to pull me in. What a clever idea for a story. Reisen doesn’t disappoint from there! Wess and Pearl move through the sewer and into the graveyard only to meet more danger and make a new friend. This story moves quickly, a single day read. I could not get enough. I need more!

I’m looking forward to the next one. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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