Key Words to Market Books

Key Words to Market Books
September 26, 2015 Comments Off on Key Words to Market Books Writing Advice Jenn FitzGerald

I was helping an author on Facebook the other day; giving my professional two cents worth in regard to his book cover. When I mentioned using Key Words for his subtitle, he asked how to choose them.

It’s a little more complicated than most might realize. There are some great software tools out there that can help, although I want to start with the free stuff you can do.

First thing I do is go to Amazon and find my genre. The kindle book section is really the best place to do this, so make sure you click on kindle books before you start your search. Then, use different words that you believe might find books like yours.

You will want to keep track of, or write down the top 5 or so books in each search that you feel is bringing up the correct kind of books. Then take some time with each book. Open the preview, check out the writing style and the intro. This is another way to ensure you are in the right place.

On the sales page for each book, you can see the top category key words the book is ranking for. As you go through each book, start a list of key words.

Searching further with each book, you can click on the key word categories and see other books to add to your research. By the time you get through about 20 books, you will be ready to quit.

This is a time consuming task, even writing about it. Check back in the next day or two and I will move into the next step, how to choose from the list of words you created.

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