John Wayne

John Wayne

February 19, 2013 Writing 8

He stood tall and stoic against the fence, his fatigues long faded, the hems of his pants and shirt jagged and loose. Someone had torn his name patch from his shirt and snapped off his dog tags. Someone had asked him questions he refused to answer. Someone had transferred him to this god-forsaken hole.

Today was his reckoning day. Sixteen rifles pointed towards him. His nostrils flickered wide as he breathed, determined to show no emotion. They could steal his identity but they couldn’t take his soul. They could torture him, but he’d show no fear. He was John Wayne.


This story is 100 words based on Billy Idol’s “John Wayne” for the 100 Word Song writing challenge hosted by Lance and Leeroy at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Every Tuesday a new song is given to inspire a 100 word story from you. It’s fun. It’s challenging. You want in on this.

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FearWikipedia: Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to quickly pull away from it and usually hide.


8 Responses

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    these are my favorites of yours. The ones that leave me breathless..because in 100 words you’ve taken me on a journey. So well written.

  2. Perfectly put together. Love this take on the song.

  3. Carrie says:

    I’m not sure about the repetition of “Someone” in the first paragraph. I wonder if it couldn’t have been written just as strong without that.

    That said, it’s still a very strong piece that is emotionally charged. You definitely get a sense of this person and his determination 🙂

  4. deanabo says:

    Terrific words for a terrific song! Well done.

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