Jenn FitzGerald is Mother Spider?

Jenn FitzGerald is Mother Spider?
November 27, 2015 No Comments » Writing Advice Jenn FitzGerald

Who is Mother Spider and why all the arachnids?

It is interesting to hear adults get squeamish over spiders. What happened to make everyone so afraid of them?

spider-books-logo-txtI grew up with a great tale of a spider. It was a heart-felt story of a loving and caring spider with beautiful words. You remember the story. She saved the life of the little pig, by writing masterfully crafted words within her web. I cherished the spiders that lived in the corner of my room even. I refused to let my mother clean them out, as I felt they were there to protect me if I ever needed it.

Years later, someone asked me specifically if that was why I named my business this. I hadn’t thought of that story in a long time, although now feel it has a perfect melody with what I have done with my business, and how many authors I have helped out of the pig pen.

Actually, the name came about as a play on words. I was going to school for my 3rd college degree, this time for web design and development. (you may have already begun to see where this might go)

It was time for us to build our first website. As advised by our instructor, he suggested we use this new site to be our business site as a designer. Now it was time to come up with a name, because you want to choose your URL around your brand.

How do you choose a name for a company?

I was feeling very motherly, as I was 8 months pregnant, and I wanted something to coincide with the world-wide web. Contrary to popular stigmata, spiders are actually very caring creatures. The mothers are almost beyond devoted to their children, some even giving their own lives to further their brood.

Mother Spider was born.

It was actually Mother Spider Web Design in the beginning, although I took only the first two words for my domain name. I am glad I did, too. Over the years my business has morphed into much more and diversified outside of web design.

In 2013 I had a couple of people suggest that arachnophobia might hinder my sales. My original logo was a small black widow (purple). I later changed it to a robotic spider, yet it was admittedly a little creepy. So I took it to heart and started looking at changing my brand. Now that is not something any business does lightly. Once you build a brand, you really don’t want to do too much to change it, because then people won’t know who you are; like starting over from scratch.

I played around with a lot of ideas, had my website completely redesigned with very flashy graphics. I was about to start looking for a new name, when a good friend of mine reminded me about keeping the recognition I already had.

I am very thankful today for his advice. We adjusted my logo only; it no longer will give you the heebie-jeebies, you can recognize pretty quick what I do. This new logo has taken hold quite quickly too. I now have had many people recognize it and know of my work.12281789_10205458617570497_236839479_o

So, when I opened my adult genre publishing house, my partners put some thought into what we wanted to name ourselves. Being that it was the darker genre, something dark was highly suggested. I got to have my black widow back again. Only this time, now we are definitely scaring the people into believing we will woo you and then knock you out.

Again, I had to chuckle, because there is only one species of black widow that actually kills her mate, yet that is what people around the world think of for all species of black widow. There is also the moniker for the female (humans) who do the same. Since one of my original business partners was a man, we were ok with that.

Once Black Widow Publishing was official, I decided to go all out. Now, every one of my publishing imprints relates to a spider.

  • Spider Books Publishing, my original imprint – general genre, non-fiction, YA, fiction
  • Itsy Bitsy Books, due to the song – children’s books
  • Black Widow Books, because of the feminine side – erotica
  • Fiddler Books, violins remind me of romance – spicy romance
  • Arachne Books, arachne is a humanoid-supernatural creature – sci-fi, supernatural, horror

itsy-bitsy-3inEven though the tale is long and full of possible reasons why it came about, spiders and me just have always been. At this point, I cannot distance myself from them, and I have no desire to do so. I am a loving, caring mother, who will spin a web of words, designs, or anything you might need, to assist you on your path to fulfillment.


– Jenn FitzGerald
aka: Mother Spider


Jenn FitzGerald Owner of a 1-stop for authors, with a full-service design division and a publishing house. Jennifer has been working with authors since 2009; over 500 authors and counting. She published her first book in 2012 and her latest in 2015. You can find her on all social media and see some of her great cover designs by searching her name on Amazon. Visit her website or any number of social media to connect and learn more. Get her books straight from her website or visit Amazon.

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