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Open Mic Write (Summer Open Call)

From now until June 15, 2017, OWS Inked is currently accepting submissions to publish in our Summer edition due out in August. THEME: This issue’s theme is all about inspiration….

Winter 2017 Volume 1, Issue 1

When it comes to resolutions, everyone gets in on the game. When the resolutions go the opposite direction from what you planned, it can lead to a lot of tears,…

Spring 2017 Open Call

We seek flash fiction of all genres and villanelle style poetry for our “A Rose by Any Other Name” themed Spring issue! Please follow the guidelines below before sending in your submission! All entries…

Winter Open Call: Resolutions Gone Bad

OWS Inked holds an open call for its Winter issue, to be published January 1, 2017. We seek short stories of all genres and poetry for our “Resolutions Gone Bad”…

Issue: Fall 2016, Volume 1, Issue 3

We held an open call for horror and dark fiction stories based on an introduction we wrote related to items in a time capsule, and boy, did you deliver! We…

WWP Presents: Shark Bait by Nancy E. Miller

The month of May we have reserved exclusively for author Nancy E. Miller, who returns to the book stores with her second romantic suspense novel, Shark Bait. Publishing under our …

WWP Presents: A Merchant in Oria by David Wiley

Our second book in our Spring lineup is an epic fantasy novella by emerging author David Wiley. This is his first solo book and we are pleased to publish it …

OWS Designs

When it comes to author platforms, the first impression the public receives is in your designs—your cover, your website, your personal branding. It should leave a lasting impression, no matter …

2017 Must Reads

Our submission pile is filling up quickly. We already have a few books we know we are publishing in 2017. Here’s the first round of books you can expect to …

Tales from Our Write Side Authors

As we prepare to release our first anthology (and our first book!), Elizabeth Abel, our Digital Media Manager, put a trailer together for us highlighting each author with a piece …

B.W. Martin
November 04, 2016
Having a dream of becoming an author is one that is not so rare, but finding a community that not only supports your dream but one that also helps you find your way is priceless. From the various prompts that can be found during the week, OWS makes me challenge myself by changing settings and genres to others that I do not have much experience in. The people within the company treat you like a friend and care about your work, they'll explain to you how something would be better in a different way instead of the usual "this is wrong, fix it" manner. If it wasn't for OWS I'm sure I would have not continued my future in writing.
Mandy Melanson
Founder  - Rhetoric Askew
November 04, 2016
The support and encouragement to succeed. Expectations to improve and not make excuses for myself or my terrible first drafts. Tough love and respect. This is a writing family that pushes each other to new heights while providing a platform for emerging voices. Love and support all around.
Stacy Overby
Author, Blogger  - This Isn\'t Hitchhikers Guide
November 04, 2016
I love how we can find almost anything we may need from OWS, whether it is a post on the topic, or being able to connect with someone who has the answer.
Rhea Palmer
November 04, 2016
I like the prompts and reading the authors' writings. I try to participate though I haven't had the energy or focus to do any writing, but I will.
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