In Time: Within Me

In Time: Within Me

May 29, 2012 Writing 1

Today’s 100 words brings you back to Orvella, who last fled through a closet with Viola Grace which provoked Father Lee to shoot Roderick. Have you missed some pieces? You can catch up here.

Orvella collapsed in a heap on the dirt in the middle of a forest. A small, ornate cottage waited just beyond she didn’t have the strength to get to. She used the last of her power to secure Viola Grace and called for Henrietta who waited inside.

Henrietta appeared and her eyes took in the scene in front of her. There was a brown pool underneath Orvella that was growing too quickly. An ashen coloring took over Orvella’s skin.

“Orvella!” Henrietta knelt beside Orvella. Tears streaked her face. “I never should have left! Never! Oh! I never should have left!”

Today’s piece is a submission to 100 Word Song which was Lacuna Coil’s Within Me. I struggled a bit with this one until I read the meaning behind it (from a band member). I’m still not sure I satisfied the prompt, but you got this anyway.

As always I welcome and appreciate your feedback. Sometimes the hardest part of putting up pieces is keeping a character in character or keeping things moving in a way that makes sense. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this piece (or this piece in regards to the previous pieces) in a comment.

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