In Time: The Retreat

In Time: The Retreat

May 22, 2012 Writing 4

Last time with In Time, I left off with Orvella in place to bite Father Lee. This picks up there. Need to catch up? Click here.

Before Orvella could sink her teeth into Father Lee’s neck, a burst of pain shot up her back. She had forgotten about the second man, a mere mortal with a pistol. He wasn’t the threat yet he’d stunned her momentarily with a bullet. Father Lee took advantage of her weakness and pushed her away.

She flew to Viola Grace’s bedside, shaking off the last of the pain, and ignoring the heavy scent of blood in the air. She spread her upper body over Viola Grace in protection. They would have to get through her first. Father Lee laughed.

“You can’t kill us both, Orvella. If you attack me, Roderick will fill your body with bullets. If you attack him, I will drive a stake through your heart. Give us the girl and I’ll let you live.”

“I do not make deals with devils. You shall not have the girl!”

Roderick crept closer, his pistol aimed for Orvella’s forehead.

“One shot is all he needs.”

“One shot will not kill me,” she hissed.

“You’re right. It won’t kill you, but it will blow your head off.” Father Lee stepped closer, his hand raised in peace. “She is of no use to anyone now. What a waste it would be for you to die. Let me have her and you will be free.”

Orvella hissed as they closed in on her from both sides. She caught the subtle shaking of the finger hovering inches from the trigger and knew that it would only be moments before Roderick’s fear won and he pressed it. As much as she wanted to destroy Father Lee, she had to protect Viola Grace. It was her destiny. No, it was both their destinies.

She tore the IV from Viola Grace’s arm and gathered her body up against hers. With two quick steps, she was in the closet where Henrietta had been. She heard Father Lee’s feet stomping on the concrete floor as he ran.

“Stop her!” he shouted.

Roderick froze, his finger pressing on the trigger and releasing. Orvella felt the heat of the bullet as it grazed past her. She slammed the door shut  and with a flash of light disappeared.


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  1. Carrie says:

    Ooohhh, off into the time travel closet! I like the intensity of this scene. Great action

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