In Time: Runaway

In Time: Runaway

April 9, 2012 Writing 8

This is another segment from my serial WIP In Time. I’ve been building up to Viola Grace’s evil attack on Cage on the train and this piece fits in with those scenes. Enjoy:

The voice echoed in Viola’s head. You’re a vampire. He’ll never love you now. Never. The only way to have him is to kill him and take the magnet that he protects.

“But I love him. I could never kill him,” came her useless protest.

It has already been arranged. Resistance is futile.
He stood handsome and dashing as he waited impatiently on the train platform for her. She could feel her heart breaking into a thousand tiny piece as she approached. Her lips formed the words Runaway Cage! Runaway! before she let the evil within her take over.


This week’s 100 Word Song was brought to us by my very good friend, Kirsten of The Kir Corner. She chose Jefferson Starship’s Runaway as our song for this week.

I can’t help but think of  this song as a theme song for Viola Grace. It really seems to capture how she feels about Cage and the pain of being separated from him for the rest of her life. Thanks for the inspiration, Kir!!

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8 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    suspense is awesome

    So, I like how you’ve built her into this vamp with a conscience, sorta, but paying the proper respect to the animal within.

    The last line was so perfect. Loved it.

    Thanks for another awesome 100

    • SAM says:

      Thanks for hosting the 100 Word Song! Viola is turning into quite the complex character, I’m not even sure at this point that the story will remain the same (and that’s okay.) I’m loving the directions she is taking me and the growth she is giving me opportunity for.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Uggg… only 100 words!! That’s simply not enough… I must know what happens next.

    • SAM says:

      Well, you already do. She betrays Cage and throws him off the train…

      What you don’t know is exactly how she went from being all romantic under the willows with Cage to being a vampire and hearing a voice telling her to kill.

  3. Carrie says:

    The evilness that is vampirism…you could always craft a new sort of vampire with Viola. A vampire with a good side…

  4. Venus says:

    Vampire fatalism… my heart wishes there *was* a way for them to be together!

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