In Time: Dreamcatcher

In Time: Dreamcatcher

February 24, 2012 Writing 7

This picks up where A Moment in Time left off…

Viola disappeared in a poof as noise in the background interrupted his daydream. He  turned back to the four girls. His voice was steady as he responded to Tweak’s question.

“I have seen her only once. The magnet gave her the ability to catch the train at will, so she did. Now I only see her in my dreams.” He pulled a plate of berries from a small steam powered icebox. “I will have to destroy her should she cross my path again. I must get the magnet back. I will never be able to rest again until I do.”


As always, the rules are simple. I give you a song. You give me 100 words inspired by it. This week’s song was White Nights by Oh Land.

I am always looking for feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    Like it like like it….the magnet as aplot device is terrific

    thank you!

    • SAM says:

      Thank you for the awesome series. It really does help further my stories along or even just lay a short blueprint for one that is spinning around in my head.

  2. t says:

    I really wish I could say something more insightful and/or profound than “you nailed it.” But for now, all I can come up with is, you nailed it!

  3. Carrie says:

    Very intriguing…what is her purpose as she travels the train?

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