In Time: Changes

In Time: Changes

July 15, 2012 Writing 1

Last time with Viola Grace (chronologically)

Henrietta looked at the near empty bag, the last of Orvella’s blood, hanging over Viola Grace’s head. She would be glad when it was over. She missed Orvella fiercely but knew that if Orvella were here, she would disapprove of what Henrietta’s next step was. She wanted to delay the finish, but knew that was impossible. It was pure luck that she was able to secure Orvella’s blood for the transfusion. Father Lee was almost on Orvella’s heels. She’d had just enough time to fill the bag and begin its journey through Viola Grace’s veins when Father Lee showed up, alone this time.

“You have no power here, Desmond,” Henrietta whispered, venom laced in her voice.

“I have more power than you know, Henrietta.” She rose to face him and he put his hands in the air, as if surrendering. “I’m not here to harm, I promise. I’m here to give you the orders. This is what you must do and how you will do it…”

His voice echoed through her mind. She still didn’t understand how he controlled her, just knew that he did. Against her will, the transformation would complete as ordered, and when it finished, she knew she’d never allow him to use her again.

A breath caught in her chest as the last drop swam through the small tube. Her eyes followed it as it traveled down, around, under, and finally in through the IV stuck in Viola Grace’s elbow.

A deep voice sounded from the darkness, startling Henrietta. “The time has arrived. She is awakening. We must prepare to quench her thirst.”


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