In Time: A New Plan

In Time: A New Plan

May 26, 2012 Writing 11

Last time with this story Orvella escaped with Viola Grace through a closet in The Retreat. Need to catch up? Find the whole thing here.

Roderick threw the closet door open.

“Well that was quite a spectacle,” Father Lee said to the empty space within it.

“Should we follow?”

“No. We won’t find them this way.” Father Lee adjusted his clothing and paced the room. A wicked smile appeared on his face. He crossed the distance to Roderick quickly, grabbed his smoking gun and seared his cheek with it. Roderick yelped in pain and crumbled into Father Lee’s waiting arms as one bullet after another pierced his flesh. “No, I have a new plan to defeat that novice and you, my devoted henchman, are it.”


This week’s 100 Word Challenge from Velvet Verbosity was “Spectacle.” Three Word Wednesdays words were: Flesh, Novice, and Sear.

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11 Responses

  1. barbara says:

    wow – getting interesting. 🙂

    smile appeared on his face, maybe? instead of flesh 🙂

  2. Lance says:

    i like “devoted henchman”. That’s what a story like this needs.

    I love this story. more please.

  3. Carrie says:

    I was going to say the same as Barbara. That phrase doesn’t quite work as is.

    This story has obviously captured your creative juices! Pieces just keep flying at us 🙂

    • SAM says:

      Yeah I’m on it. I figured out another way to use “flesh” here.

      It is very loud. I have Orvella, Father Lee, and Roderick screaming at me now. LOL

  4. Sheilagh Lee says:

    interesting story more please.

  5. Oh dear. It looks like Roderick’s devotion is about to be severely tested. Severely tested.

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