In the Raw

In the Raw

September 9, 2011 Writing 12

This particular piece can fit in several spots, so I’m leaving it as a separate entry in the continuing saga of Blair and Weathered. Enjoy!


Blair’s doctor had ordered her to rest, and Anthony insisted that she stay at her father’s house rather than her Soho apartment. Her protests were weak, and she appeased him anyway. Anthony became a regular visitor, but when she came down to breakfast one morning to find him at the table in conversation with her father, she tried to hide their affections for each other.

“Hello, Anthony. What brings you out here at such an early hour?” A soft pink glow ran across her face as her hands caressed the soft aged denim of her jeans. She had slept in an old t-shirt and hadn’t bothered to change it. Droplets decorated the few loose tendrils that had freed themselves from her ponytail and curled about her face from a splash of water only moments before. She felt embarrassed in her natural state. He’d never seen her in the raw like this before. She squirmed slightly as she watched his eyes drink her in, not understanding that he found her even more beautiful in this moment than he ever had before.

“Good morning, Blair. I am here to discuss some bank business with your father.” His hands gestured to the pile of papers before him.

“Won’t you join us, dear?” her father’s head turned briefly to acknowledge her before returning to the paper he was reading. She had not intended to stay, at least not until she was properly fixed up, but her father’s request wasn’t one that could be denied.

Her deep sigh swelled her chest underneath the t-shirt. Her anger burned slightly, misdirected at Anthony for being there so early in the first place. Her eyebrows buried so far down her face that she was practically eating them. She slid onto the velvet cushion of her chair, directly across from her father. The slight smile of Anthony’s that Blair had fallen in love with did nothing to calm her this time. Her lips pursed as hot coffee flowed between them. Eyes peeping over the rim of the cup, she shot daggers Anthony’s direction, eliciting peals of laughter from her father.

“My goodness. Haha.” Her father’s laughter extinguished the fire that had been slowly building inside her. “Why are you here with me, Anthony, going on about numbers, when you would rather be there with my daughter?” More laughter interrupted his speech as he looked at Blair. “Perhaps those daggers would be better suited for me, my dear. After all, it was I who invited him to breakfast, seeing as how he has become like a piece of furniture around my house these days.”

“Hmmmmmph. Well, dear daddy, you are only saved by the fact that I haven’t heard your laughter in forever. You know, you could have given me notice!”

“But why? You are perfectly beautiful just the way you are, Blair!” Anthony joined her father’s laughter with a chuckle of his own. “I will never cease to be amazed at beautiful women who don’t realize how beautiful they really are, especially when you get to enjoy their natural beauty.”

Anthony’s chuckle turned to full on laughter as both Blair and her father’s eyes rolled at his statement. He knew they would both deny how much alike they were. It gave him a tickle to see them with the exact same expressions on their faces, so very much alike, and yet so very different.  Blair just nodded her head; her laughter finally joining in. It was refreshing in a way she had not felt in a very long time.


A Write on Edge meme

This week’s instructions were easy: We all have a relationship with jeans. They can make us feel a range of emotions, and this week we asked you to write a piece in which jeans figured prominently.

Blair’s not usually a jeans kind of girl, reserving that look to early mornings alone. Anthony is still a character I am developing, so it was my hope that through this piece, he might endear himself to you further. Did it work? Please let me know what you liked best, and where you think it needs improvement.


12 Responses

  1. Carrie says:

    This piece has me a touch conflicted. In the beginning I assume Blair is thrilled to see Anthony again, in fact she expected him, hence the “play it off as a coincidence” that she was showing up at breakfast. With that in mind, I found it confusing that she would be embarrassed about her appearance. If she “knew” he would probably be there, she should have dressed more appropriately if these clothes weren’t the norm for her.

    But then you have her angry that he is there and begin forced to stay looking the way she is. So…confusing 🙂

    I do like the light-hearted nature you created at the end. A lot of tension between Blair and her father seems to have evaporated. And I’m liking Anthony.

    Something not related to this piece specifically, but the story overall is I have completely switched on how old I see Blair as being. When I first began reading these pieces I assumed she was older, like 40’s, maybe even pushing 50. I’m not sure why exactly. And so the romantic interludes seemed out of sync with my impression.

    Now, I’m thinking she is late 20’s, early 30’s…an adult trying to make her way without daddy. However, the episode in the hospital made me want to ramp up her age again. I assumed she had a heart attack and that’s not exactly common for younger people.

    Have I confused you?

    • DM says:

      no, you havent confused me.

      I can see there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, and the beginning of this piece was more of an intention to try to play it off in front of her father, like there is nothing going on between her and Anthony. Then he makes her stay, just as she is, and she gets a little angry (because Blair is Blair) that she is forced to stay there as is, feeling less than her best, in front of the man she is dating. If she had known that her father was inviting him over, she would have primped and dressed much differently.

      She is in her 40s. She was with Louis in her 20s and has been mourning him for 20 years now. Anthony, if you remember from the beginning is actually younger, in his 30s. Hopefully the romance will weave in better when the piece is complete. I suspect Anthony has some growing up to do still too.

  2. juliemoore says:

    I like Anthony and the relationship Blair seems to have with her father. Seems like she’s got something good about to happen. I hope.

  3. angela says:

    I love the parts between Blair and her father; it seems like they are falling into a comfortable place, and the tension eased a little 🙂 And I do like Anthony 🙂

  4. Leslie says:

    I really enjoy reading your pieces and have stopped by after not reading in awhile.

    I love your writing style and will be back.
    Also, I nominated your blog for the versatile bloggers award. Check it out at my blog…

  5. CDG says:

    I was right there with Anthony in terms of his observances of Blair and her father, but when he smirked, the choice of that word made me instantly dislike/distrust him, and I wasn’t sure that was the intended response.

    There’s a stew of family politics unser this fairly placid scene, though, and I love the tension it provides.

    • DM says:

      Hmmmm. Perhaps that needs more clarification because its his little smirk–a play at the corner of his lips–that endeared him to Blair. Sometimes when I post a few pieces together, I forget that someone may be reading for the first time, or may have missed a piece. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. TheKirCorner says:

    I’m glad I read the comments because now I won’t ask the same questions..and knowing she is in her 40s and #nthony is in his 30s is a piece of this that I like..look forward to the places that will take us (sort of like Diane Keaton and Keanu in Something Gotta Give)
    I would change the word smirk at the end, I knew what you wanted to convey but the word is negative…it should be positive as he looks at His Blair.

    Great job…loving this story!

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