I Lied To Parents

I Lied To Parents

January 7, 2016 Writing Advice 2

Once upon a time, I spent all my days entertaining and educating 3-5-year-olds. It almost seems like another lifetime when I was a preschool teacher, but at the time I absolutely loved it. I was the get down on the floor and play, sing silly songs, and messy art time type of teacher. Some of these kids were little angels, a pleasure to work with day after day. Others were… slightly less angelic. But they were all just innocent little kids, trying to figure out the big world around them. And behind each of these children was a parent or two. Some had their shit together, others were a bit of a frazzled mess. Like me at the time. And it was those frazzled parents I often lied to.

Dear Parent of a Preschooler,

Sometimes I lied to you. That’s right. You heard me. I, the beloved preschool teacher, lied. To you.

Remember that day when you came to pick up Little Johnny, and you asked me how he behaved for me in class? I thought about the kamikaze jump he took off my sink. The way he pretended to be a “bowling ball” and knocked over (at least) 10 other students (Strike!) as he barreled into the block center. Ah, and the handful of sand he dropped into Sierra’s hair and how he managed to clog the toilets not once, but twice. All before lunch.

Then, I noticed your shoulders slumped in exhaustion. The dread in your eyes, not just at what I would say, but how you would feel the need to take Little Johnny home and discipline him. Then it would be dinner, bath, and bed. A familiar routine when you have a “rowdy” preschooler.

So, I took a deep breath, looked you in the eye and said, “Little Johnny had a great day.” Lie, lie, lie.

So you smiled at your angel, offered a treat and some fun downtime with Mommy. You both needed it. Being a parent is rough. Being a preschooler is rough.


Every Preschool Teacher Ever

Meanwhile, I need to stop Little Suzie from filling my sink with Play-Doh and climbing up the cots. I hope her mom gets here soon…..

Until next time, scribe happy!



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  1. Adan Ramie says:

    I wish more teachers did this! My son is basically Little Johnny, and I have had teachers tell me every day just what a bad, uncontrollable little mess he was. I have also had teachers who told me just how wonderful he was all the time, even though we both knew that wasn’t true. I think if, like you said, the parent and the kid have already had a hard day… what’s the harm in a little white lie?

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