How to prep for writing contests

How to prep for writing contests

December 13, 2015 Writing Advice 0

The end of the year poses many writing contest deadlines, including our own here at Our Write Side (ends in 2 days!) and mine over at Black Widow Publishing. So what do you need to pay attention to if you want to have the best odds of winning one of them?

As a writer, you should know about character development, story development, and the most important element, the hook. What is a hook and why is it so important?

A hook is that element that draws you in and makes you want more to the story. If you read the first two pages of a book and can put it down without a desire to read more, that book is missing the hook. With the advent of ebooks with previews, buyers can purchase online after reading the first few pages. If the hook is there, it should propel them to the next step in the purchase process.

With any book, TV show, or movie, there is a hook, even commercials have intro hooks. With books though, it is more important than the others because people put books down if the hook isn’t there. At BWP, we utilize the hook aspect as part of the judging criteria. After our headline judges have made a selection of the top three, we put just the introduction up for the rest of the public to read and place their votes. So the hook is vital to gaining votes.

So, in my opinion, the number one thing you need to get into your writing contest entries, and even your intended published manuscripts, IS THE HOOK!


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