How I got started in Book Design

How I got started in Book Design
September 23, 2015 Comments Off on How I got started in Book Design Writing Advice Jenn FitzGerald

I Started in the book design business shortly after I graduated from my degree in web design. A friend came to me and asked if I could design a cover for one of his books. I said I din’t see what could be that different about designing a web page versus a book. He said great, I have 25 books I need covered. That was my launch into the book cover design industry and I’ve worked with over 500 authors on covers since then.

After a few years, I realize that having my name on a book cover meant that readers believed I had taken part in the entire process. I began working with authors to create professional and unique interior formatting, and eventually the editing for their books as well. Many of my clients appreciate that they can go to one business and get the entire process done, rather than seeking out multiple service providers.

Two years ago, I sent out a massive email to all of my previous clients, asking them how they were doing with their sales and future writing. The responses were very grim. Most all of my clients reported that they had very few sales and quite an unfortunate amount of them also reported that they had since given up on the idea of writing at all. I realized there was a vital piece of the puzzle missing to ensure my clients were happy and continuing to write.

I decided to look into the actual marketing of books which I came to discover was extremely difficult. It was no wonder that so many of my indie published authors were giving up. Most successful authors today will report that they spend about 20% of their time writing and the other 80% of their time as a marketing expert, out there publicizing to drive sales.

Today, I can offer my clients the full gambit of services. I recently had a friend profess his amazement at how I could know how to do so much. I owe it all to time though. It took me at least five years to go from simple ebook covers, to being able to sell my beautifully designed books. I treasure each and every one that arrives in the mail and sits upon my shelf. And more importantly, the day I write royalty checks for my authors is my pride and joy.

Jenn FitzGerald Owner of a 1-stop for authors, with a full-service design division and a publishing house. Jennifer has been working with authors since 2009; over 500 authors and counting. She published her first book in 2012 and her latest in 2015. You can find her on all social media and see some of her great cover designs by searching her name on Amazon. Visit her website or any number of social media to connect and learn more. Get her books straight from her website or visit Amazon.
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