Free Verse: The Annual Campaign by David Wiley

Free Verse: The Annual Campaign by David Wiley

June 5, 2016 OWS Features Special Feature 0

David Wiley is one of three book review team leaders as well as a monthly contributor. He is our go to guy on all things fantasy.

The Annual Campaign

Thousands are slain under

his tyrannical reign. Many more lay  

dormant, awaiting the proper moment to  

strike back and overthrow his decaying  

empire in a war being perpetually waged.

In a few short months he has  

laid waste to the living, laying siege upon  

the vibrant fields that wither beneath  

the weight of his army. His clear, crystalline fingers  

reach far and wide, closing around limbs and  

hanging from boughs in all corners of his territory.


His nemesis approaches, mounted atop  

currents of warmth, galloping across

the frozen tundra. She wears down his  

defenses with small skirmishes, freeing  

territories in her wake. Life flourishes once more as  

her campaign presses on. He leads a counterstrike to  

make a final, desperate push to regain his

grand empire. He steps onto the battlefield for

his last stand, clad in armor of snow and wielding  

a blade of ice. She stands before him, a sword of light  

in one hand and a shield of heat in the other. She banishes  

him once more from the land, freeing  

the world from his grasp.

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