Flash Fiction: Monsters by Nancy Miller

Flash Fiction: Monsters by Nancy Miller

May 29, 2016 OWS Features Special Feature 0

Nancy Miller is a regular columnist and illustrator for OWS. Besides her romantic suspense novels, she does art, poetry, and short stories. Today we share a poignant piece of flash from her archive:


They say whoever fights monsters needs to be careful not to become one and that whoever stares into the abyss long enough will find it staring back.  I guess I didn’t pay attention on both counts.  

That’s what you get for going so deep undercover you forget your own name.  I haven’t seen my real family in years.  These junkies, pimps, and hoodlums are my family now.  I changed everything about me to fit in.  My skin even carries the ink to prove it.  I thought about getting the tats removed when I got out, but it’s a moot point now.  

I think they forgot about me.   Haven’t had contact with my handler in months.  I guess I could go strolling back into headquarters and just say howdy, but not after this morning.  They are looking for me now and not to bring me in to safety.  They don’t care who I am or why I am here.  They just have blood in their eyes.  

So you understand why I have to do this.  Tell my mom and dad that I love them.  Try to explain that I was a good person at one time.   I’ve said a prayer.  The sirens are closing in.    I have to go now.  Please understand.  Nobody, especially me, should ever kill a cop.


Enjoy this? Come back for more stories, poetry, and chapters every weekend. Read more of Mrs. Miller’s work here.

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