Fangirling Is A Rite Of Passage

Fangirling Is A Rite Of Passage

February 25, 2016 Writing Advice 0

It was about seven years ago that I sat all bleary eyed, with throbbing feet from walking in a Puerto Rican Day Parade. As I sat I  thought about my children’s childhood compared to my own. At the time, I was working on my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. I sat there and stared at the blank screen and felt incredibly overwhelmed. Sometimes things just flow. Sometimes, I get all researchy to talk about something.

But that day? I had nothing.

So, I started to hum along with the Just Dance 2 music from the other room, which happened to be Justin Bieber when I remembered what I wanted to tell you!

I realized then that I loved Justin Bieber!

Wait…what? That came out wrong!

I love the idea of Justin Bieber. Wait, don’t leave! Please, let me explain!

I remembered one day we were riding in the car and “Baby” came on the radio. My daughter started beboppin’ around and singing at the top of her lungs. I glanced at her (quickly, I was driving) and she was all Power Puff Girl sized eyes, awash in the Bieber love. I turned the music down and as I preached pedantically about the awesomeness of music from my day, I saw her eyes glaze over.

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Come on! In my day it was awesome! I remember how important music was and could attribute endless memories to endless songs. You know, those songs that pop out of nowhere, your melts a little and you feel sixteen again.

NKOTB (if you don’t get that, we can’t be friends)


Boys ll Men

Vanilla Ice (STFU, he was hot)


Shai (let’s all take a second to bask in that awesomeness)

And then?

It struck me. Justin Bieber is her Jordan Knight. Her Justin Timberlake. Her Vanilla Ice (shut UP). I can remember the adults around me making fun of some of my music choices. MC Hammer pants…backwards clothes?








So, baby girl? I concede. I will nay-say Justin Beiber no more.

Now? I am feeling way nostalgic.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy,



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