Dubious Sovereign a Poem

Dubious Sovereign a Poem

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11665613_936961536361380_7916298920217996270_nJiovanni Lebron, an 18-year-old college freshman (and my son) from Ohio, gives us some stark insight into the turmoil that develops when self-motivation challenges self-doubt. It is a wonderful thing to watch a young mind face the challenges of life before rising to it on their own. This kid has big dreams and the ambition to achieve them.







~Dubious Sovereign~
by Jiovanni

I am King here.
I am seen as fast.
I am seen as powerful.
But, do turtles and mice not bleed red as well?
Is everything really as it appears to be?

I have my eyes on the goal.
Will I be fast enough to catch it?
I have my sights locked on a dream.
Will I be strong enough to clutch it?
Uncertainties may cloud my mind, but my vision is clear.

If I am not fast enough, strong enough, will I starve?
Does it hurt to starve or is that a misconception, I wonder.
Nevertheless, I must be quick.
I must be powerful.
For…I am King.

In the end, I will run.
I will chase until I can no longer.
In the end, I will grasp.
I will hold until I can no longer.

In his words:

I wrote this poem in an attempt to mimic what I perceived the style to be of poet Sylvia Plath, there was no particular poem that I was trying to mimic, just what I felt her style of writing was. In this poem, I was attempting to use an animal and its prey to symbolize me and my future goals, hopes, and dreams. To express my feelings of not living up to standards or what others think of me be it family, friends, or teachers.

In the third stanza, the animal wonders if starving would really be a bad thing, that is me wondering if a major life failure or not achieving my dreams would really be so bad.

In the last stanza, it is just me coming to the conclusion that no matter what I am going to persevere and try my hardest to succeed in life because that is the type of person I see myself as.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!


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