Don’t Panic Poetry Prompt: Water

Don’t Panic Poetry Prompt: Water
November 29, 2017 No Comments » Don't Panic Poetry Prompt, Writing Prompts Stacy Overby

Welcome to the Don’t Panic Poetry prompt. We give you four different parts to the prompt. Choose one or choose them all, it’s up to you to decide. Here’s what you’ve got to work with this week:

1)      The element of water.

2)      The feel of water

3)      This image: 

4)      And for the classical form: The Common Measure or Ballad Measure. Here’s a link to more information about this form –

You’ve got two weeks to come up with a poem based on one or more of these elements. Post links to or what you wrote here. The next prompt will go live on December 10th, 2017. A winner will be selected out of all entries to be featured on OWS Ink, the new reader-focused arm of Our Write Side.

Now, don’t panic, go write, and remember the open call currently up here at OWS for poetry with an elemental theme!

Stacy Overby Stacy Overby works as a substance abuse counselor for teenage boys by day and a writer by night. Her day job provides inspiration for many of her stories including her short stories "The Trial of Summer," "Karma Incarnate," and "Only Emma" released in 2016. She also has several pieces featured in OWS Inked, an up and coming literary journal. Her favorite writing genres range from high fantasy to dark urban fantasy, and an occasional speculative fiction or science fiction piece thrown in. When not at work or writing, she is playing with her son, hiking, camping, or involved in other outdoor activities – as long as it is not too cold.

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