Developing Your Poem

Developing Your Poem
November 10, 2016 No Comments » Writing Advice Eric Keizer

developingHello, gentle readers! Over the years, I have talked with numerous poets- some of whom were well-versed in creating fantastic pieces, while others had inklings of ideas, but felt unable to proceed in creating a complete piece. It is tough, sometimes, to develop more than just a few, disconnected lines. I too, occasionally run into this problem. I get myself all excited in anticipation of creating something beautiful and expressive, but then find myself “stuck” with only a few ephemeral ideas hanging out in that space between conception and inception.

For the purposes of this column, I have chosen to include a poem which gave me all kinds of problems at the beginning, but eventually became a finished work- but only after doing a little extra research work on it. I was awake early, as is usual for me, on a particularly chilly morning a few weeks ago. As I drifted between sleep and wakefulness, I turned on MeTV, and began to watch the Donna Reed Show. Mary Reed, the daughter, was talking with Donna about romantic fantasies, and somewhere during the conversation, I swore I heard Mary say the name, Doris Fenton. Since I had never heard about Ms. Fenton before, I was intrigued to find out why she was referenced on the show.

I did a search online, and found that Ms. Fenton was a 1930 doctoral graduate at the University of Pennsylvania for her thesis “The Extra-Dramatic Moment in Elizabethan Plays before 1616.” Although I didn’t read her work, I was intrigued with her life’s story, and imagined all kinds of characteristics someone like her might have. The more I imagined what she was like, the more I created a fictional persona for her- which inspired the poem.

My suggestion for today is this: if you find something that intrigues you, makes you hungry to discover new and interesting information, inspires and confounds you- find out about it. Do some research, ask other people who might know; ask a librarian or a bookstore clerk. Whatever you do, don’t let an opportunity to expand your knowledge pass you by. No one will judge you for trying to better yourself- and tune your craft in the process.

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Please enjoy my Doris Fenton-inspired poem. May your ideas and ink flow like the mighty Mississippi. God Bless.

Doris Fenton

I never knew Doris Fenton,


Just how she smoldered,

When igniting

Dormant passions.

Fired kiln-baked

Ceramic hearts,

Filled with piñata prized




And burning

Forests of,

Elizabethan parchment.

No, I never knew Doris Fenton,


Just how deep were her voracious cravings,

When lusting

Pennsylvania Gorgons,

Sought long-forgotten

Vellum pages,

Filled with archaic cherished




And frittering

Companies of,

Elizabethan thespians.


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