Deadly Dating Games

Deadly Dating Games

September 23, 2015 Writing Advice 0

This book by Joanie Chevalier was so much fun. I couldn’t find the shoes on any of my image licensing sites, so I actually went shopping. Well…not really. I didn’t actually buy the shoes.

I took my bestie and he took pictures of me wearing shoes in numerous different stores. After each store though, I would scan through what we had and just didn’t like any of them. The shoes were wrong, or my legs were wrong.

finally, we were in the last store. I don’t say last because it is where I found them, I say last because I’m not a shopper. I cannot stand shopping. 3-4 stores in one day is my limit. Luckily though, they were there.

I caught the perfect shot. Back at the drawing board, on a whim, I pulled out some cards and flipped the first that fell onto my desk and got the next shot. Later, Joanie exclaimed her exuberance and my choice of the joker and how well it fit the book.

It’s definitely not the easiest thing to merge numerous images to create exactly what you want, although sometimes you come up with a super great cover. That is what makes me love my job.

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