Crimson Shell

Crimson Shell

February 3, 2016 Writing Advice 0

Another poem for you today. Enjoy. Share your thoughts about my poetry in a comment?

Crimson Shell

The salty devil bought my soul,

for cold compresses,

cold reassurances,

and gewgaws,

of the State Fair type.


in turn,

loathed the Son,

fought the violence of the sun,

jumped overboard,

To kiss the sirens,


scuttled myself against the shoal,

(bleeding and indifferent)

While corals shred my tattered sails.

I have loved the sharks and kraken,

Reviled the whales and skates.

I saw her naked,

brown body,

coated with sweat

And sand.

Treasured chests,

Treasured breasts,

Remembered with each sip

Of white,

Cuban rum,

And tales

Of brave Ulysses.


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