Celebrate Today

Celebrate Today

July 4, 2017 Featured Poetry and Shorts OWS Features Special Feature Writing Advice 2

July 4th

Light the fires,
Kick the tires,
We’re going on a trip.
Meet us down on Lake Shore Drive,
We’ll sail our tiny ship.         

A day upon the lake sounds fine,
Let’s pack some food and bring some wine.
We’ll drink and grill on deck,
All our friends will come along,
We’ll even invite Beck.

Fireflies will start the show,
As our excitement begins to grow,
When sunburned day fades into night
And then fireworks will light the sky
As our kids scream with delight.

©2016 Eric Keizer


What does freedom mean to you?



2 Responses

  1. Erina Auri Nakiri says:

    For me freedom is both a spiritual thing and a choice we can make. We are never truly free from everything, but if we were I’d be happy. I can only say souls are completely free, because nobody controlls them and if they think or feel they do well let’s just say it’s impossible. I llove freedom of choice. Where people can choose their rights and what should be done and not done. If people could open their eyes and those greedy or negative ministers and people in power could stop what they’re doing then it would be good. This planet still can’t reach peace because of those two opposing things, which can be dismissed with conditions. Well that’s all I want to say.

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