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Master Class Monday-Thompson

Welcome to the new and improved Master Class! Instead of offering you 3 choices, I’ve switched it up a bit. Originally, the Master Class was developed by using a quote or line from an already published book and incorporating it into your story. Now, instead of word phrases, we’re going back to the original concept……
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October 30, 2017 0

Bells will ring

Welcome to Two for Tuesday, where you are offered two similar, yet distinct, words to spark your imagination. One prompt will be an ordinary, oft used word. The other prompt will be a little more expressive, maybe even unfamiliar. Each word will include a definition to help get you started. “The most valuable of all talents is that…
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October 24, 2017 10

5 Professional Tips For a Strong Networking Backbone

When you are an author it is important to think of yourself as a business. This frame of thought will help you form a professional foundation on which you’ll build your book sales and most importantly, your network. I know what you’re thinking. How is a network more important than my book sales? You have to put…
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September 21, 2017 0
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